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Avex Electronics Corp. was formed in 1976. The company operates from its manufacturing facility in Bensalem, PA. From the beginning Avex has designed and manufactured Battery Packs and Oscilloscope Probes for sale to both the United States Government and commercial markets. Our oscilloscope probes and battery packs are used by some of the most pretigious universities and corporations worldwide.

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Batteries and Battery Packs
Batteries and Battery Packs

Batteries and Battery Packs- Manufacturer and Distributor of Custom Designed and standard batteries and battery Packs in all chemistries including Ni-Cad, Nickel Metal Hydride, Lithium, Lithium Ion, Sealed Lead Acid and Alkaline. Full technical support and in-house design engineering capabilities with one week turnaround on most custom designs.

Oscilloscope Probes, Test Leads and Accessories
Oscilloscope ProbesMultimeter Test Leads

Oscilloscope Probes, Test Leads, and accessories U.S. Manufacturer of High Quality replacement Oscilloscope Probes and accessories for 30 years. Probes are compatible with all oscilloscopes including Tektronix and Agilent/HP. Probes may be used with any scope DC to 300MHz bandwidth. Replaceable probe tips, three position switchable probes with ground reference position, and actuator pins for scopes with readout feature are some of our available models. Also available are Multimeter Test Leads, Coaxial Cables, and Patch Cords.

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